2012 Race Schedule Announced

The Sports Car Club of BC has just announced this year’s race schedule. Go to their website (www.sccbc.net) and click on Schedule in the left column.

Our BC Historic Motor Races will be held on the August 4-5 weekend.

The key weekends for the VRCBC are:

  • March 18, 24-25: SCCBC Driver Training
  • April 14-15: CACC Weekend #1 – our REVS #1 races will be on Sunday, April 15th
  • May 12-13: CACC Weekend #2 – our REVS #2 races will be on Sunday, May 13th
  • June 23-24: CACC Weekend #3 – our REVS #3 races will be on Sunday, June 24th
  • July 14-15: SCCBC Driver Training
  • August 4-5: BC Historic Motor Races (REVS #4)
  • September 22-23: CACC Weekend #4 – our REVS #5 will be on Sunday, September 23rd
  • October 6-7: CACC Weekend #5 – our REVS #6 will be on Sunday, October 7th

All of these dates have been added to our 2012 Events Calendar (here). Note that one of these REVS dates will likely change because we are discussing a possible date swap with SoloSprint (who run on Saturdays) that will provide each of us with one double event weekend during the season, making it more cost-effective for entrants, particularly those with higher travel costs.

Stay tuned for more announcements – coming soon.


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