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2014 BCHMR in August

Ron Dempsey (1969 BMW 2002), Dave Phillips (1957 Austin Healey 100-6), Ian Thomas (1971 BMW 2002), Paul Haym ( Datsun 510) and Geoff Tupholme (1973 Mini) between Mission's Turns 1 and 2, at the 2013 BCHMR - Jim Moody photo

Ron Dempsey (1969 BMW 2002), Dave Phillips (1957 Austin Healey 100-6), Ian Thomas (1971 BMW 2002), Paul Haym (Datsun 510) and Geoff Tupholme (1973 Mini) between Mission’s Turns 1 and 2, at the 2013 BCHMR – Jim Moody photo

Updated: February 27, 2014

The VRCBC’s 2014 British Columbia Historic Motor Races will be held on the August 16 – 17 weekend, with a Test & Tune (Practice) Day on the preceding Friday, August 15. As the latest information on the BCHMR becomes available, it will be posted on the BCHMR web site, here.

2013 BCHMR is in the (Soggy) Book

'Splish Splash!' Ian Wood leads Glen Gibbons, Ron Dempsey and the rest into Turn 2. - Jim Moody photo

‘Splish Splash!’ Ian Wood leads Glen Gibbons, Ron Dempsey and the rest into Turn 2. – Jim Moody photo

It was wet but it was fun! Go to the BCHMR’s own web site ( for the complete results and photos of this year’s event. A big ‘Thank You!’ from the VRCBC to everybody who entered and volunteered their time. See you again next year.

A Great B.C. Historic Motor Races!

Jim Robinson’s Bugatti T51 was a BCHMR favourite with everyone. – Brent Martin photo

For the last while, the members of the VRCBC have been focused on the 25th running of the British Columbia Historic Motor Races (BCHMR), which were held at Mission Raceway Park Road Course over the August 4th-5th weekend.

The 2012 BCHMR has it own web site: (or just click here). In addition to all of the pre-event information, that site is where you can now find all of race results and photos.


Updated: The BCHMR has its own Web Site

The event-specific web site for the 2012 BCHMR is growing quickly. This is a more convenient channel to provide the latest information to entrants, sponsors, the media, spectators and of course, VRCBC members. The latest addition is information on the special lodging deal at the Best Western and some great in-car videos from last year’s event.

Check the site out here.


2012 Race Schedule Announced

The Sports Car Club of BC has just announced this year’s race schedule. Go to their website ( and click on Schedule in the left column.

Our BC Historic Motor Races will be held on the August 4-5 weekend.

The key weekends for the VRCBC are:

  • March 18, 24-25: SCCBC Driver Training
  • April 14-15: CACC Weekend #1 – our REVS #1 races will be on Sunday, April 15th
  • May 12-13: CACC Weekend #2 – our REVS #2 races will be on Sunday, May 13th
  • June 23-24: CACC Weekend #3 – our REVS #3 races will be on Sunday, June 24th
  • July 14-15: SCCBC Driver Training
  • August 4-5: BC Historic Motor Races (REVS #4)
  • September 22-23: CACC Weekend #4 – our REVS #5 will be on Sunday, September 23rd
  • October 6-7: CACC Weekend #5 – our REVS #6 will be on Sunday, October 7th

All of these dates have been added to our 2012 Events Calendar (here). Note that one of these REVS dates will likely change because we are discussing a possible date swap with SoloSprint (who run on Saturdays) that will provide each of us with one double event weekend during the season, making it more cost-effective for entrants, particularly those with higher travel costs.

Stay tuned for more announcements – coming soon.


BCHMR Report in Victory Lane!

Victory Lane Magazine is a ‘Must Read’ for all Vintage Auto Racing fans. The monthly, which now also includes vintage rallies, concours and special events, covers the sport like no other periodical. Just click on the cover above to go to the Victory Lane website, which has the latest ‘hot news’ in the Vintage Racing world, as well as many interesting stories and links to useful information; and where you can easily order your own subscription online.

The August issue has just been published. It includes a report on the 2011 BC Historic Motor Races with many great photographs by Marshall Autry and Jim Moody. If you don’t already have your own copy, you can read the story here.


Vancouver Mini Club at the BCHMR!

The Vancouver Mini Club is the natural home for all enthusiasts of the classic Mini in the area. Their website ( ) and its online forum and $wap and $hop are great sources for Mini-related activities, information and parts. (Classic Minis always need parts!) Some of the Club members attended the BCHMR and displayed their cars in our Car Corral. You can read about their experience at the track, as well as some other stories, in the Summer 2011 edition of their SCooper newsletter. Just click here.



Updated – More BCHMR Photos!

Ralph Zbarsky hogs the camera (and watches his mirrors!) – Paul Bonner photo

We are getting some great shots from the photographers who attended the BC Historic Motor Races – Racing at the River’s Edge – at Mission Raceway Park Road Course over the June 11-12 weekend.  The Paul Bonner shot above illustrates the action in one of the Group 1 races.

  • UPDATE: More of Paul’s photos are available here.
  • Small samples of  some of Tony Ioannou’s photos are shown below. You can check out his over 500 photos at:
    • for Saturday’s action here
    • for Sunday’s action here
  • Gerry Frechette has literally hundreds of photos on his (new) photo website: here   - Click on the  “All My Photos” link. And if you were there as a worker or just wandering through the Paddock, check his “Pits & People” selection – Gerry probably has one of you!
  • Marshall Autry has some action photos on his site: here – Click on the “Vintage Racing” album.
  • UPDATE: Check out Brent Martin’s photos: here

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BCHMR Web Site

The BCHMR has its own web site with info for 2014, plus results and photos on the 2013 and 2012 events. Just click on this link:
to go directly there.

Videos of Mission Action

Go to to watch some excellent videos of the 2013 races at Mission Raceway. No Vintage races (yet) but the action is great!

Vintage FFord at Mission
Dennis has a ‘Smokin’ Day’
Ride Along With Phil
Ride Along With Mark
E-Type wins 2012 Race #1
Lotus 7 2nd – 2012 Race #1
Lotus 7 wins 2012 Race #2
2011 BCHMR Highlights
2011 BCHMR from a Mini
BCHMR: BMW 2002 Ride
XKE Hot Lap of Mission
Minis Battle at Mission
Lotus 7 at BCHMR-WW50
Westwood Closure: 1990

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