First REVS Weekend in the Books

First Practice - Jim Latham photo

The first REVS race of the year was held at Mission Raceway Road Course on a mostly sunny, Sunday, April 17th. There were ten closed wheel Vintage entrants plus four more formula cars running in the Open Wheel group.

Phil Roney set the pace in Qualifying in his TVR Vixen, just managing to break below the 1:19 mark. He was followed by the two top ‘noise makers’ from Dyno Day: Dennis Repel’s Camaro and Gunter Pichler’s XKE, who were both well into the 1:19’s. They were followed by 2010 REVS Champion, Mark Brown in his Lotus Super Seven, Gord Houghton’s Mustang, Al Harvey in his MGB, Evan Williams’ TVR Grantura, Lorne Andras in his newly – acquired (from Jim Latham) Volvo 122S, John Carroll’s beautiful Ginetta G4 and Keith Wong in his Triumph GT6.

The first race had the fast cars – Gunter’s XKE, Dennis’ Camaro, Mark’s Lotus, Phil’s TVR and Gord’s Mustang – playing together up front. They were followed by Al Harvey’s MGB all on his own, then Evan’s TVR Grantura, John Carroll’s G4 and Dr. Keith Wong in his GT6 changing places.

The front runners played give and take throughout the second race but some early season gremlins did rear their head: Dennis’ Camaro developed engine troubles, Lorne’s Volvo suffered from a massive oil leak and Gord’s Mustang broke down. It was a good day’s racing with practically everybody discovering items that will need attention before the cars are ‘exercised’ again in May.

The full results are available here (Thank you to the SCCBC.) and also on the SCCBC web site ( under Race Results.

Photos on Facebook: VRCBC members Ann and Alan McColl have posted several photos of every racing car on their MCE Motors Facebook page. Just go to  and make a Friend Request.


More Jim Latham photos below.

Phil Roney and his TVR Vixen - Jim Latham photo

Lorne Andras and his "new" Volvo - Jim Latham photo


John Carroll and his Ginetta G4 - Jim Latham photo


John Carroll ready for battle - Jim Latham photo


Gunter Pichler's E-Type - Jim Latham photo

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