VRCBC Eligibility Regs for 2013

VRCBC 2013 Eligibilty Rules - CoverThe VRCBC Eligibility Rules for 2013 were passed at the February 19th General Meeting.  These rules apply to the Club’s own REVS races at Mission. (Note that the BCHMR usually uses different eligibility criteria, particulary regarding the minimum age of the cars in the different classes.)

These rules were presented by the Club’s Eligibility Committee and discussed at the January 15th Club meeting and then posted on this web site. They were then presented, discussed and voted on by current Club members present at the February 19th Club meeting.

The approved version was submitted to the CACC Vintage Discipline Director on February 22nd for presentation and acceptance at the Vintage Discipline meeting at the CACC Annual General Meeting on March 3rd, where they were accepted.

The significant changes from the 2012 version are the revisons with regard to the ‘Open Wheel Purpose-Built Racing Cars’. This section has been rewritten so that it is consistent with the existing eligibility rules for ‘Sports Racing Purpose-Built Racing Cars’. The 2013 rules are available on the Racing Car Eligibility page (here) under the Rules & Regs menu.


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