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CACC Vintage Rules

All of the VRCBC’s race events in British Columbia are sanctioned by the Confederation of Autosport Car Clubs (CACC) and governed by the CACC Vintage Discipline Competition Rules and Regulations, which apply specifically to Vintage, and the CACC General Competition Regulations (GCRs), which apply to all road racing groups. The Vintage Discipline consists of all of the holders of a currently valid CACC Vintage Race license. It is the responsibility of this group to meet annually to review, and then approve or reject any proposed revisions to the Vintage Discipline rules for the coming season.

Click on the above link to view more information on the CACC Vintage Rules.


The River’s Edge Vintage Series (REVS) is the VRCBC’s internal club points system for the vintage racing events it runs each year at the Mission Raceway Park Road Course. The objective of REVS is to recognize participation and to encourage the overall philosophy of vintage racing rather than for finishing position in races. Points are awarded for laps completed in Practice, Qualifying and Races.

Click on the above link for more information on REVS and to view the rules and regulations.

Racing Car Eligibility

To be eligible for VRCBC races, a vintage racing car must comply with the current Racing Car Eligibility & Approval Process, which is an addendum to the CACC Vintage Competition Regulations. It is highly recommended that anyone considering investing in a vintage vehicle in order to race with the VRCBC, first discuss their plans with the VRCBC Eligibility Committee and other experienced Club members. They will ensure that you have a clear understanding of all of the requirements and will help you avoid any costly and/or time consuming errors.

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FIA Homologation Numbers

The FIA Homologation papers are one of the starting points for preparing or restoring a car for Vintage racing. Individual homologation papers are available from FIA ASN Canada for approximately $150. It is strongly recommended that you discuss your plans with the VRCBC Eligibility Committee before ordering any papers, however.

Click on the above link to view more information on FIA Homologation.

Ferry Cost Assistance Program

The Club has introduced an assistance program to assist those members who are impacted by BC Ferries fees.  Click on the above link for additional information and the application form.

The BCHMR Web Site

The BCHMR has its own web site. To get the latest news on the upcoming 2018 event and to see photos of the action and check the results of the 2017 event, just click here: .

Club Membership

Interested in becoming a Member of the VRCBC or just want to renew your current one for 2018? Just go to the Membership page here.

Starting Vintage Racing?
Are you interested in Vintage racing but don't know where to start? Check out the 'Starting Vintage Racing' page here.
VRCBC Facebook Site
Click here to go to the VRCBC Facebook site. If you would like to join the Group, just make a request.
Vintage Racing Car Coverage
Long time VRCBC supporter Hagerty Insurance is now offering fire and theft coverage for Vintage Racing Cars in British Columbia. Click here for details.

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