REVS Points

In the true spirit of Vintage Racing, the River’s Edge Vintage Series (REVS) rewards participation rather than finishing position. Each VRCBC member who participates in a REVS – eligible race accumulates points for that season. These are allocated by the Race Group for which they enter. If a member should enter more than one group (e.g., both an Open Wheel and a Closed Wheel car in separate races), their points are totalled for the overall REVS championship standings for that year .

  • REVS Group 1: Vintage (1950 – 1963)
  • REVS Group 2: Historic (1964 – 1969)
  • REVS Group 3: Classic (1970 – 1979)
  • REVS Group 4: Open Wheel and Sports Racing
  • REVS Group 5: Canada Class (added in 2014)

Click on the following links to see the overall REVS points standing for each season.

REVS Points 2019

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REVS Points 2016

REVS Points 2015

REVS Points 2014

REVS Points 2013

REVS Points 2012

REVS Points 2011

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