Vintage racers in action on Sunday, June 13th. It was a little damp but there was lots of good racing and good fun. – Brent Martin photos

Updated: June 13, 2021

This weekend saw the first CACC-sanctioned race meeting at the Mission Raceway Park Road Course for 2021. The organizing club, the SCCBC had its usual full schedule of practice, qualifying and racing sessions for Open Wheel and Closed Wheel classes on both Saturday and Sunday. The Vintage racers were out on Sunday. The full results are available on the SCCBC website (here).

Our thanks to Brent Martin for the photos. All of his excellent (as always) photos of the full weekend will soon be available on his website (here). Make sure to check them out and order one of yourself (or your favourite ‘hero’ driver) in action!

Unfortunately, no spectators were permitted this weekend because of the current Covid restrictions. However, we are all hopeful that this situation will improve as the summer proceeds and we will see you at the track!

The word is out! VRCBC members are coming from every direction to participate in the new Member Benefits Program for 2021! – Brent Martin photos

Updated: May 21, 2021

The VRCBC has announced an exciting new Member Benefits Program for 2021. Club members will be able to take advantage of discounts and other benefits from many companies who support Vintage racing and motorsport in general.


Update: Lordco Auto Parts has just joined the MBP, offering current VRCBC members discounts of up to 30% on various product purchases!


Check out the latest information under the ‘The VRCBC‘ menu above or just click here to go directly to the page.

There has never been a better time to join the VRCBC!

Two of the VRCBC’s Vancouver Island ‘hotshoes’ battle through Turn 2 at Mission during the final race weekend of the 2020 race season. Here, Phil Pidcock (’65 Triumph Spitfire) is just inches ahead of Michael Hawthorne (’87 Porsche 944). – Brent Martin photo

Updated: May 30, 2021

The SCCBC has just announced an update on their TENTATIVE schedule for their 2021 race season at the Road Course at Mission Raceway Park.

Note for Vintage racers: There is a Vintage grid on Sunday, June 13.

The June 12-13 CACC race is going ahead. There will be more info on Motorsport Reg shortly. Due to Covid travel restrictions, this will be a non-championship (for SCCBC) event. No spectators and each racer can bring two crew members. Masks must be worn outside of your paddock space. This is not a split weekend, all racers can attend both days.

The CACC 1 event is open for registration here and the event package is available on the SCCBC web site here  

Please note the emphasis on ‘tentative’. Not only is the remainder of this schedule subject to the normal ‘fine-tuning’ as the season approaches, but of course there is also the added complications due to the pandemic situation. We are also currently assuming the usual Vintage REVS races on the Sunday of CACC weekends. As before, this information is only for ‘pencilling in’ on your race planning calendar.

  • March 27-28: SCCBC Spring Drivers’ Training – completed successfully
  • April 16: Practice Day – CANCELLED
  • April 17-18: CACC Race #1 (Vintage on the Sunday) – CANCELLED
  • May 8-9: CACC Race #2 (Vintage on the Sunday) – CANCELLED
  • May 29-30: Summer Drivers’ Training – POSTPONED
  • June 12-13: CACC Race #3 (Vintage on the Sunday)
  • July 24-25: CACC Race #4 (Vintage on the Sunday)
  • August 14-15: BC Historic Motor Races
  • September 3-4-5: ICSCC (no Vintage)
  • September 18-19: CACC Race #5 (Vintage on the Sunday)
  • October 9-10: CACC Race #6 (Vintage on the Sunday)

The Schedule page of the SCCBC website (here) will have the latest official information once it is available. Always confirm there.

Frank Micucci of Driver’s Edge Autosport draws the winning name and the winner ‘Rocket Ralphie’ Zbarsky shows off the goodies he chose from Frank’s wide selection of motorsport products.

Updated: December 18, 2020

Last month the Club distributed an online questionnaire to a large number of current and previous members, BCHMR entrants, and other friends and associates. The objective of this survey was to gather data and opinions that would help the incoming 2021 executive make improvements to the Club’s future racing events and organization in general. The overall response was very gratifying. Our survey team then prepared a report (PDF here), which consolidates the results and also summarizes their conclusions from them.


As a thank you for those responding to the survey, the Club offered free entry to a draw for a $100 gift certificate at our long time supporter, Driver’s Edge Autosport . Frank Micucci of Driver’s Edge drew the winner’s name  – veteran Vintage racer Ralph (aka Rocket Ralphie) Zbarsky. Ralph recently picked up a bundle of goodies at Driver’s Edge.


Thanks to everyone who participated and to the Club members who initiated and organized this survey.

Goodwood Speed Week Home Page – image courtesy Goodwood

Posted: October 21, 2020

Each of the historic events at the legendary Goodwood circuit in England are a ‘must see’ for Vintage racing enthusiasts. The recent SpeedWeek was no exception; there were great cars, great racing and new records set. Click here to go to their home page and choose from the various video highlights.


Geoff Tupholme ( ’73 Mini) shifts some leaves as he blasts past the tense battle between Paul Haym (’69 Datsun 510) and Phil Pidcock (’65 Triumph Spitfire) during the ‘That’s Fall Folks!’ event on September 27th. – Brent Martin photo

Posted: October 11, 2020

The SCCBC held their third and final CACC-sanctioned race weekend (‘That’s Fall Folks!) of this very unusual season at the Mission Raceway Park road course on September 26th – 27th.. There was an excellent Vintage grid on the Sunday and some great battles throughout the field. It was an enjoyable (well, for almost everybody) way to close out this very unusual season. The complete results for the weekend are posted on the SCCBC web site (here). And as always, thanks to Brent Martin for the photos (see below) of the action.

Let’s all hope for a return to something ‘reasonably normal’ for the 2021 season. In the meantime, stay tuned for updates until then.


Gunther Ruppel’s 1960 Austin Healey ‘Bugeye’ Sprite leads the charge at the ‘August Heats’! – Brent Martin photo

Posted: August 27, 2020

The SCCBC held their second CACC-sanctioned race weekend (‘August Heats’) of this very unusual season at the Mission Raceway Park road course on August 22nd – 23rd. Our regular Vintage racers were joined by several ‘special guests’ on the Sunday. There were some excellent battles and everyone had a lot of fun – which is what Vintage racing is really all about. The complete results for the weekend are posted on the SCCBC web site (here). And as always, thanks to Brent Martin for the photos (see below) of the action.

Registration for the next (and last scheduled) SCCBC / CACC race weekend (‘That’s Fall Folks’) is already open. Check the Schedule page on the SCCBC web site (here) for full information.


Haym International Racing team owner and lead driver Paul Haym watches ‘thoughtfully’ as his latest recruit Keith (‘Smokie’) Robinson installs one of his (in)famous go-faster coat hanger mods on the team’s trusty Datsun 510. – Brent Martin photo

Posted: July 29, 2020

Finally! The SCCBC held their first CACC-sanctioned race weekend of this very unusual season at the Mission Raceway Park road course on July 25th-26th. The Vintage racers hit the track on the Sunday. Some cars were  ‘attacked’ by the Vintage racing gremlins, but there was also some excellent on-track battles. In spite of the heat, the mosquitoes and the (now familiar to us all) COVID protocol requirements, it was good to get back to the track. Hopefully, the next event scheduled for the August 22nd-23rd weekend will also get the green flag.

The complete results for the weekend are posted on the SCCBC web site (here). And as always, thanks to Brent Martin for the photos (see below) of the action.


Well known Mission Raceway Park ‘track groupie’ Keith Robinson completes his final check on the Green Flag before the first CACC/SCCBC race weekend of the 2020 season. His report? – It works perfectly! – Brent Martin photo


Updated: July 24, 2020

The first race weekend of this very unusual season will be this coming July 25th-26th weekend. Unfortunately, due to the necessary restrictions that we are now all too familiar with, the number of entrants and crew has had to be limited and there will be no spectators allowed.  However, the weather forecast is good and everyone entered is looking forward to getting back into action after all this time.

Remember to keep checking the Schedule page (here) on the SCCBC web site for the current status of the remaining 2020 road racing season at Mission. Take care and we hope to see everybody at the track soon.

Larry Sandham bends his Mini Vauxhall around a turn at the Knox Mountain Hill Climb in Kelowna earlier this year; no doubt practicing for Maryhill! – Jim Moody photo

Posted: October 11, 2018

VRCBC member Larry Sandham took his well-known Mini Vauxhall down to the Maryhill Hill Climb in Goldendale Washington over the October 6-7 weekend. The Maryhill Hill Climb is no pushover; this is what our friends in the SOVREN vintage racing club say about it:

“It’s a unique experience for any motorsports enthusiast, as very few hill climb events are still available anywhere in the world. Driving it at speed is a dizzying ascension not for the faint of heart, with long drop-offs just a few feet away all the way to the top.”

This is what Larry had to report:

“Unfortunately, only 19 cars took part in this year’s event, which was down a little on the usual 30 to 40 but a good time was had by all nevertheless. The cooler than normal temperatures kept the times down a bit but I still managed to get a fourth overall despite having the wrong gearing in the car. The event even includes the opportunity to drive your racing car down the public highway to a car show at the Maryhill Museum on the Saturday, which is always a lot of fun. Heck, where else do you get to do that! No helmet, no insurance, no muffler and a ‘liberal’ speed limit make for a fun drive.”

You can watch Larry pretend to be Don Quixote charging the windmills in this short video.

Larry even took some time out from looking for windmills to take a few photos of some of the other interesting cars at the event. Thanks Larry; we look forward to your 2019 report!

Not the ideal car for the conditions! Kiwi Bishop muscles his ’89 Chevy Camaro around a soaking Turn 5. – Brent Martin photo

Posted: September 17, 2018

The streaming wet conditions kept many racers away from the REVS races during the SCCBC / CACC September 15th-16th weekend at the Mission Raceway Park Road Course. But, unlike many other forms of motorsport, road racing always goes ahead ‘rain or shine’!

The overall results for the weekend are available on the Results page (here) of the SCCBC web site. The indefatigable Brent Martin was also there braving Mother Nature, and has provided us with the following photos.