Vantage Newsletters

Updated: February 9, 2024

The Vantage was the VRCBC’s regular full colour newsletter until 2014. Each issue featured a fascinating mix of stories from the past, opinion pieces – some serious, some not – plus miscellaneous race reports and Club news, all compiled by the editor, Tom Johnston.

Vantage Newsletter Anthology

The VRCBC Vantage Newsletter (2007 – 2012) Anthology is available in both hard cover (L) and soft cover (R) versions – T. Johnston photo

Editor Tom Johnston has compiled an anthology of the seventeen (17!) VRCBC Vantage Newsletters from Summer 2007 to Autumn 2012. There are two versions; a soft cover version in black and white and a hard cover version in full colour.

Vantage Newsletter Anthology – Soft Cover Black & White version – T. Johnston photo

Vantage Newsletter Anthology – Hard Cover Colour version – T. Johnston photo

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  • The two different versions of the book will appear in the search results:
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    • ‘Vantage B&W’ – The soft cover, black & white version – cost: $18.01
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VRCBC Vantage Autumn 2014

Mike Tate reminisces on ‘his life with beautiful models’ (ahem). Robin Fairservice tells the story of the legendary one-off, mid-engined Jaguar XJ13. Tom Johnston reports on this year’s road racing inductees to the Greater Vancouver Motorsport Pioneers Society and also provides some BCHMR photo highlights.

VRCBC Vantage Winter 2013

Robin Fairservice on what Donald Healey was up to before he created the legendary Austin Healeys. Mike Tate discusses the difficulties inherent in making comparisons between various drivers. Tom reports on the recent induction of four local road racing legends into the Greater Vancouver Motorsport Pioneers Society and there are two photo montages from the BCHMR and some English motorsport points of interest.

VRCBC Vantage Autumn 2012

A review of the BCHMR, Robin Fairservice on Elva Cars, the GVMPS Induction Ceremony, Mike Tate’s interview with Walter Wolf, Tom Johnston remembers both the IOCO Hill Climb from the past and this year’s Monterey Historics, and Madeline Wood describes Ian’s ‘Rawlson adventures’ at the recent CSRG Charity Challenge at Sonoma Raceway.

VRCBC Vantage Spring 2012

Robin Fairservice on the history of the ground-breaking 500 cc Formula 3, Mike Tate with more reflections on the Goodwood Revival, and Tom Johnston on the SCCBC’s Jones Lake Hill Climb and the mysteries of the Snell Foundation and SPI.

VRCBC Vantage Winter 2011-2012

Robin Fairservice on Connaught, Mike Tate at the Goodwood Revival, and Tom Johnston on the ‘maybe Canadian’ Spike Rhiando and the 1952 SCCBC race at Fort Lewis, WA.

VRCBC Vantage Summer 2011

Robin Fairservice on the Aston DB3S, Mike Tate on Minis and Tony Carruthers’ Report from Kiwi-land

VRCBC Vantage Spring 2011

Canada’s first Le Mans winner, Mike Tate on replicars and Robin Fairservice on the Maserati 250F

VRCBC Vantage Winter 2010-2011

Brooklands visit, Mike Tate on Lotus and Robin Fairservice’s memories of early Brands Hatch

VRCBC Vantage Summer- Fall 2010

BCHMR photos, the Father of Westwood, Dr. Claire Wilson and Robin Fairservice on Jowetts

VRCBC Vantage Spring 2010

BC motorsports pioneer, Arleigh Pilkey and the early days of the XKE

VRCBC Vantage Winter 2009-2010

Annual Gala and Tony Carruthers’ report from the Goodwood Revival Meeting

VRCBC Vantage Summer 2009

 Full report on the Historic Motor Races & Westwood50

VRCBC Vantage Spring 2009

Annual Gala and the only race ever at Cassidy Airport (Nanaimo)

VRCBC Vantage Winter 2008-2009

Some thoughts on the past and the future of motor racing by Mike Tate and Tom Johnston

VRCBC Vantage Summer 2008

Historic Motor Races plus Tom Johnston’s Watkins Glen and Mosport trip report

VRCBC Vantage Spring 2008

Targa Newfoundland in a vintage Mini and a tribute to Jim Rattenbury

VRCBC Vantage Winter 2007-2008

Stanley Park Grand Prix plans and the Swan Song at Abbotsford

VRCBC Vantage Fall 2007

Historic Motor Races and Hillclimbing in North Vancouver

VRCBC Vantage Summer 2007

Memories of Saskatchewan’s Davidson Airport track

VRCBC Vantage June 2004

VRCBC Vantage May 2004

VRCBC Vantage April 2004

VRCBC Vantage March 2004

VRCBC Vantage February 2004

VRCBC Vantage January 2004

VRCBC Vantage December 2003

VRCBC Vantage November 2003

VRCBC Vantage October 2003

VRCBC Vantage June 2003

VRCBC Vantage May 2003

VRCBC Vantage April 2003

VRCBC Vantage March 2003

VRCBC Vantage February 2003