FIA Homologation

FIA Homologation Numbers

FIA Homologation papers are one of the starting points for preparing or restoring a car for Vintage racing. Unfortunately they can be very difficult to locate for a specific make and model of older car. Click here for a spreadsheet listing the FIA homologation document numbers for a large number of cars. It may be helpful as a starting point.

The column heading definitions are:

  • Hom: The FIA identification number of the homologation form for that car
  • Grp: The Vehicle Group. If a particular car is prepared in different ways, it can appear in more than one group
  • Model: The model of the car.
  • Cyl: The engine displacement in c.c.
  • Hom. Date: The date these homologation papers were accepted by the FIA.
  • ASN: The country (typically the manufacturer’s country) that issues the papers
  • Ext (Extensions): These are the number of pages of perfomance “goodies” that individual manufacturers homologated for that vehicle. The number of pages varies widely depending on the interest of the manufacturer in motorsport. For example, on the first page, there is only one page of Extensions for the Volvo 122S (#5027), but 23 pages of Extensions for the Austin / Morris Cooper S (#5027) and thirteen pages of Extensions for the Alfa Romeo Guilia Super (#5046)
  • Observations: Some miscellaneous comments

Individual homologation papers are available from FIA ASN Canada for approximately $150. It is strongly recommended that you discuss your plans with the VRCBC Eligibility Committee before ordering any documents however.