2009 HMR/Westwood50

The VRCBC’s largest event to date was held in July 2009.  The Club combined its annual Historic Motor Races (HMR) with a very special celebration of the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Westwood track in Coquitlam in 1959.  The Westwood50 Committee, many of whom were also VRCBC members, organized a great three day party, which finished off with a fabulous gala banquet.

Many of the individuals who had helped to build the Westwood track and organize the races attended, along with many of drivers who had competed on it. There was also a broad representation of Westwood – era, sports and racing cars; some now retired, while others were still racing. Nostalgia was everywhere!

The HMR had it largest entry ever, there were more spectators than have ever attended a road race event at the Mission Raceway Park Road Course, the weather was perfect and the on-track action was great.

Check out this edition of the Club’s Vantage Newsletter (  VRCBC Vantage Summer 2009  )  for stories and photos from the weekend.