Categories and Dues

Updated – May 10, 2022

Membership is renewed annually for each calendar year.

The Club has two primary membership categories:

  • Individual (CDN $70.00 or US$70.00)
  • Family (CDN $80.00 or US $80.00). There is no limit to the number of family members.

Note: Three other categories (Bronze, Silver, Gold) have been created for those who would like to provide some additional financial support to the Club. The information is on the form.

New Members

It is easy to join the VRCBC. New members are asked to complete this (fillable) form: VRCBC Membership Application Form 

  • Guests are always welcome to attend any regular monthly meeting.  If you decide you would like to join, Membership Application Forms are always available and you can join right at a meeting.
  • Any Club member at a race event at Mission Raceway will be glad to introduce you to one of the Executive, who can accept your membership application and payment.
  • You can download the form, complete it and and mail it to the Membership Secretary at the address provided on the form.

Renewal Members

If you are a current Club member and are renewing your annual membership, you do not need to submit a new Membership Application Form unless there have been significant changes in your personal  information requiring that the Club records be updated. All you have to do is submit your dues payment. Just check the VRCBC Membership Application Form for the contact and payment information.


Dues payment can be made in one of four ways:

  • PREFERRED: Online through Just go to the VRCBC 2022 Membership page (here) and follow the instructions. This option will be convenient for Vintage racers, who will already have a personal account.
  • With cash to a member of the Executive.
  • With a cheque payable to the “VRCBC” or “Vintage Racing Club of BC”. Please mail it to the Membership Secretary; see the Membership Form for the address.
  • Online using PayPal. Log in to your PayPal account and send the payment to this Club email address:   Please note that there is an additional fee of $2.00 when using PayPal to cover the fee that PayPal charges the Club. Therefore, the payments when using PayPal are $72.00 for an Individual Membership and $82.00 for a Family Membership.


Please contact the Membership Secretary (see Contact page here) if you have any questions.