Updated – November 4, 2022

VRCBC membership is renewed annually for each calendar year.

The Club has two primary membership categories:

  • Individual Membership (CDN $70.00 or US$70.00)
  • Family Membership (CDN $80.00 or US $80.00). There is no limit to the number of family members.

There are also three other categories for those who would like to provide some additional financial support to the Club:

  • Bronze Membership (CDN $150.00
  • Silver Membership (CDN $300.00)
  • Gold Membership (CDN $500.00)

The process is the same whether you are a ‘newbie’ interested in joining the VRCBC for the first time or an ‘oldtimer’ who just wants to renew your membership for another year. Just go to the VRCBC Membership page on (here) and follow the instructions.

If you are interested in learning more about the Club, just approach any member at a race event at Mission Raceway Park, and remember that guests are always welcome to attend any of our regular monthly meetings.

Please contact the Membership Secretary (see the Contacts page here) if you have any questions.