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Last Westwood Historic Motor Races Now on YouTube!

Updated: November 26, 2017

Many of those who attended the VRCBC’s special ‘Westwood Mural Unveiling’ meeting at Mark’s Auto Body in Port Coquitlam or our Annual Banquets have asked about one of the DVD’s we have shown.

This was ‘The Last Race’, a DVD produced by Hans Sipma about the very last Vintage race event, ‘The Tenth Annual Historics Weekend’, held at Westwood over an early July weekend in 1990.

Update: Hans has now posted his video on YouTube. You can find it here. Thank you Hans!

The entry list of almost 100 cars that is included with the DVD contains many familiar names, quite a few of whom are still Vintage racing today. And you will recognize a lot of the faces too (although they are considerably younger!) when you watch it.

The DVD captures a lot of the activity and fun in the Paddock as well as having some great video of the on-track action, which features everything from classic Morgans to ‘Vettes and XKE’s, and from Formula Vees and Fords, to the beautiful 1948 Talbot Lago Grand Prix car, captured by Kane Rogers in his cover illustration.

Click here to download Hans’ info sheet for his DVD.

Sergio Scaglietti: 1920 – 2011

George Keck's Main Event winning Ferrari 250 Testa Rosa at Westwood on Opening Day, July 26, 1959

Sergio Scaglietti, the man who designed and built the bodies of the iconic Ferrari 250 Testa Rosa and 250 GT – among many others – passed away on Sunday, November 20 at the age of 91. There is a strong linkage between the Testa Rosa and one of Canada’s own motorsports icons, the gone but not forgotten Westwood Racing Circuit. George Keck won the main event on Westwood’s opening day with his Testa Rosa.

Opening Day Main Event Grid Front Row: Tom Luce (Corvette), eventual winner George Keck (Ferrari Testa Rosa) and Jim Rattenbury (Jaguar D-Type)

Click here to read George Keck’s own story about this Testa Rosa and in particular (on the second page) about holding off Pete Lovely’s Lotus 15 in that first race at Westwood – “Caution was thrown to the wind in the heat of battle…”

One of the original Testa Rosas has apparently become the most expensive car ever sold at auction. A 1957 Testa Rosa prototype sold for US$16.39 million at Pebble Beach this year. (See story here.) It’s doubtful anybody at Westwood on July 26, 1959 would have predicted that! There are many interesting stories available on the internet about Sergio Scaglietti, his cars and his long relationship with Ferrari. Thanks to Club members Keith Robinson, Dale Warren and Tom Johnston for contributing information.

A Flashback – The 1974 Province 500

The 1974 Province 500 Program Cover

Thanks to Robert Barg for providing a copy of the spectator program for the Province 500, which closed the Westwood racing season on Sunday, October 13th, 1974. The co-winners of the first “500” in 1960 were Bob Constabaris (of ‘Mr. Mike’s’ restaurant fame) and Jerry Barbour. All of the winners from 1960 to 1973 were shown in the 1974 program. There are a lot of still-familiar names on that list.

See the complete 1974 Entry List below, with many more well-known names. Oh yes, the 1974 race took the typical 7 hours to complete. The winners (repeating from 1973) were local heroes Bert Laakmann and Charly Godecke (Porsche 911S), second went to Andy Barcheck and Loren St. Lawrence (Datsun 510) from Salem, and the podium was completed by Jim Robertson and John Holgate in a Lotus.

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