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[caption id="attachment_17513" align="aligncenter" width="800"] 'Coming right atcha!' Veteran racer, VRCBC member (and BC Historic Motor Races Paddock Marshal) Keith Robinson, blasts up Knox Mountain in his 1997 Kodiak Fox JC1 Formula Ford. - Brent Martin photo[/caption] Posted: May 24, 2024 The May long weekend saw the 65th (yes the 65th!!) running of the Knox Mountain Hill Climb in Kelowna. Some of our members took on the challenge of the hill. The elapsed times and speeds through the trap for each competitor are available on the Leavitt Machinery Knox Mountain Hill Climb website (here). Our big supporter and local motorsports' leading photographer, Brent Martin was there as well and sent us some photos of the action (see below). Thansk Brent! You can find all of Brent's photos of all forms of motorsport on his website (here).

[caption id="attachment_17387" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Fan favourite Vintage racers Keith Robinson (1975 Van Diemen RF75 FFord) and Gayle Baird (1964 AD Mk111B Fox FVee) do their best impersonation of hydroplanes going into Turn 5 during Sunday's Open Wheel races. - Brent Martin photo[/caption] Posted: May 5, 2024 The VRCBC's 2024 Vintage racing season kicked off on Sunday, April 27th during the SCCBC's 'Spring Fling' weekend at the Speed-Fanatics Motorsport Circuit at Mission Raceway Park. This was the first IWE-REVS points event for 2024 for VRCBC members.   Road racers pride themselves on always racing in the rain, unlike some other forms of motorsport. But there was probably some (secret) questioning of that dedication by both racers and turnworkers this weekend; it was cold and it was wet; particularly on Saturday.   The results are available on the SCCBC website (here). Brent Martin braved the elements to take his usual great photos of the on-track action. You can see some of them below and the rest on his website (here).   Our Vintage races are part of full weekends of road racing organized by the Sports Car Club of BC (SCCBC) and sanctioned by the Confederation of Autosport Car Clubs (CACC). Check out the full season schedule on the SCCBC website Schedule page (here). There will be no Vintage races at the next event, the ICSCC ('Conference') weekend on May 25-26, but there will be lots of close racing.   The next Vintage races will be on the Sunday of the SCCBC 'Summer Classic' event during the June 22-23 weekend. (It HAS to be warmer!) Registration is already open on
  • Driver Registration for the 'Summer Classic' Race Weekend - June 22nd & June 23rd (here)
  • Volunteer and Crew Registration for the 'Summer Classic' Race Weekend - June 22nd & June 23rd (here)
  See you at the track!

[caption id="attachment_17337" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Brent Martin photo[/caption] Updated: March 25, 2024 Elevate - Vancouver Auto Show at the Vancouver Convention Centre is now over for another year! There was something to interest every automotive enthusiast. If you couldn't make it in person, full information will still be...