Annual Banquet Tag

[caption id="attachment_7908" align="aligncenter" width="450"] 2013 REVS Champion, Paul Haym - Gerry Frechette photo[/caption]

This year's Annual Gala & Banquet was another great success with the usual potpourri of excellent food, 'speeches', serious (and not-so-serious) year-end awards, door prizes and dancing. Congratulations to Paul Haym, this year's REVS Champ and to all of the other award recipients. We look forward to seeing everybody at the track in 2013.

A sampling of Gerry Frechette's photos of the evening are shown below. You can check out all 150 of them at Gerry's web site (here). Just click on the 'Recent' tab and look for the 'VRCBC Awards Banquet' album. Thanks Gerry and Sue.