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Vintage Drift for February 2014 - cover image courtesy of Martin Rudow and SOVREN; photo by Marshall Autry

Vintage Drift for February 2014 – cover image courtesy of Martin Rudow and SOVREN; photo by Marshall Autry

Posted: February 18, 2014

The latest issue of Vintage Drift, SOVREN’s excellent quarterly magazine has just been released. Included in the articles – with many great photos – is a review of the final 2013 standings in each of their Race Groups (some of our VRCBC racers are in there) and a preview of their 2014 Race Season. Our own BCHMR is again on the SOVREN points-eligible schedule this year and we look forward to seeing many of our friends from south of the border in August.

The Editor / Publisher of Vintage Drift is Martin Rudow, a long time friend of the VRCBC. To get more information on how to advertise in Vintage Drift or to get a personal subscription, just contact Martin directly by email:

VRCBC Racers at SOVREN’s Pacific Northwest Historics Weekend

Ken Butler clips the apex in his 1970 Perf-Fab Formula Vee - Brent Martin photo

Ken Butler clips the apex in his 1970 Perf-Fab Formula Vee – Brent Martin photo

SOVREN, our Vintage racing partners from across the border, held their big annual Pacific Northwest Historics event at Seattle International Raceway over the July 5th-7th long weekend. A number of VRCBC members took part and thanks to Brent Martin, Jim Moody and Jock Hobson we have photos of some of them – and others - in action. See below.

Update – July 12, 2013: Jock Hobson’s photos added below. Visit the VRCBC Facebook page  (here) to find links to more photos by Marshall Autry and also two in-race videos from inside Paul Kuckein’s Z-28, and one from Gunter Pichler’s XKE.

Be sure to check out all (over 370) of Brent’s photos of the PNW Historics on his web site (here).

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VRCBC Racers at the PNW Historics

‘The π Man’ (aka Pierce Isaacs) leads Tim Pickstone. – Jim Moody photo

Several of the VRCBC’s racers attended SOVREN’s Pacific Northwest Historics event at Pacific Raceways over the July long weekend. Thanks to Jim Moody, we have some photos of ‘our heroes’ taking maximum advantage of some additional on-track warm up time before the BC Historic Motor Races that will be held over the August 4th-5th weekend at Mission Raceway Park Road Course. You can find more info on the BCHMR here and you can check out Jim’s photos below. (Thanks Jim.)

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Pacific Raceway Development gets OK

Pacific Raceway in Kent, Washington has been a very significant and popular road racing facility in the Pacific Northwest for decades. Many VRCBC members have been racing there with our friends from SOVREN for a long time. In fact, one of our Historic Motor Races was actually held there back in 1991, as a joint promotion with SOVREN. That was during the lull between the closing of Westwood and the opening of Mission Raceway.  (see more at )

On March 19th, the King County Council passed the Pacific Raceways legislation, setting in motion a process for the major redevelopment of the 51 year old facility. This is the first step in the long-anticipated expansion of the Raceway into a truly world class facility. You can check out the latest news at the Pacific Raceways web site here.


Martin Rudow, the Editor and Publisher of SOVREN’s excellent quarterly magazine, VINTAGE DRIFT has just released the February 2012 issue. It contains a preview of the upcoming season’s events (including our BCHMR in August – click here) as well as the second article in his very interesting, continuing series on the history of SOVREN.

Three of our VRCBC ‘heroes’ also get prominent mention. Gunter Pichler is on the cover (above) in acknowledgement of his 20(!) years of successfully racing the same E-Type. (You can ride with Gunter on a lap of Mission by watching the video on our home page. You can also watch and listen to his E-Type at our 2011 Dyno Day here.) Two other VRCBC stalwarts, Steve Clark (1960 Lola Mk1) and Gil Stuart (1958 Volvo PV444) are also profiled in this issue in recognition of their finishing first and second respectively in the 2011 SOVREN Division One – Vintage points chase. Congratulations guys!

You can get an annual subscription to VINTAGE DRIFT for only $20. Just contact Martin by phone at: (360) 678-7435 or by mail at: Vintage Drift Magazine, 2723 Van Dee Ave., Greenbank, WA 98253,  USA.



VRCBC Racers ‘Cover’ Vintage Drift

VINTAGE DRIFT cover courtesy SOVREN and Martin Rudow – Paul Bonner photos

Three long time VRCBC racers are featured on the cover of the November issue of VINTAGE DRIFT, SOVREN’s quarterly magazine. Paul Bonner took the above six photos at the Columbia River Classic at Portland International Raceway over the Labour Day weekend. The three VRCBC members are: Gunter Pichler (1964 Jaguar XKE), Evan Williams (1963 TVR Grantura) and Tim Pickstone (1963 Porsche 356C). The other three drivers on the cover are: Tom Lee (1969 Brabham BT30), David Phillips (1957 Austin Healey 100-6) and Clayton Sturge (1970 Crossle 20F).

Thank you to Editor / Publisher Martin Rudow for permission to post this image. For subscription and other information, check out the VINTAGE DRIFT web site here.



VRCBC Racers at the Columbia River Classic

Tim Pickstone, 1963 Porsche 356C - Paul Bonner photo

Nine of the VRCBC’s best racers made the trip across the border on the Labour Day weekend to take part in the 9th Annual Columbia River Classic put on by our friends, the Society of Vintage Racing Enthusiasts (SOVREN) at Portland International Raceway (PIR). Thanks to Paul Bonner we have these photos of them in action. Thanks Paul.

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SOVREN Pacific Northwest Historics

The Society of Vintage Racing Enthusiasts (better known as SOVREN) has just published their great-looking poster for their Pacific Northwest Historics event at Pacific Raceways on the July 2-4 weekend. Click 2010 Pacific Northwest Historics to view the poster and check the SOVREN web site for more information on the event.

BCHMR Web Site

The BCHMR has its own web site with info for 2014, plus results and photos on the 2013 and 2012 events. Just click on this link:
to go directly there.

Videos of Mission Action

Go to to watch some excellent videos of the 2013 races at Mission Raceway. No Vintage races (yet) but the action is great!

Vintage FFord at Mission
Dennis has a ‘Smokin’ Day’
Ride Along With Phil
Ride Along With Mark
E-Type wins 2012 Race #1
Lotus 7 2nd – 2012 Race #1
Lotus 7 wins 2012 Race #2
2011 BCHMR Highlights
2011 BCHMR from a Mini
BCHMR: BMW 2002 Ride
XKE Hot Lap of Mission
Minis Battle at Mission
Lotus 7 at BCHMR-WW50
Westwood Closure: 1990

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