VRCBC at the Pacific Northwest Historics!

VRCBC at the Pacific Northwest Historics!

Two of the VRCBC’s finest battle it out at SOVREN’s Pacific Northwest Historics. Phil Pidcock (1965 Triumph Spitfire) leads (just) Shelby Clark in her 1959 Elva Courier. – Brent Martin photo

Posted: July 10, 2019

The Pacific Northwest Historics put on by SOVREN, our good friends from south of the border, is one of Vintage racing’s most anticipated annual events. Several VRCBC racers and friends went to Pacific Raceway over the July 5th to 7th weekend:

  • #11 – Karlo Flores, 1993 Mazda Spec Miata
  • #38 – Gunter Pichler, 1964 Jaguar E-Type
  • #46 – Phil Pidcock, 1965 Triumph Spitfire
  • #50 – Mike Zbarsky, 1967 MGB GT, Works Sebring
  • #73 – Ken Butler, 1967 Morris Mini
  • #84 – Steve Clark, 1960 Lola Mk1
  • #112 – Tom Sproule, 1976 Caldwell D13
  • #130 – Ralph Zbarsky, 1967 MGB GT Works
  • #260 – Shelby Clark, 1959 Elva Courier
  • #441 – Geoff Tupholme, 1973 Austin Mini

As usual, our heroic photo-journalist, Brent Martin was there to capture all of the action. (Thanks Brent.) Here are just a few of his photos; click on a photo for a bigger, clearer image. Check Brent’s web site (here) for many more photos over the next while.


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