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[caption id="attachment_10062" align="aligncenter" width="450"]Leigh Anderson (1967  BMW 1600) and Paul Haym ( 1969 Datsun 510) lead Bernie Hamm (1966 MGB) and the rest of the pack into Turn 2. - Brent Martin photo Leigh Anderson (1967 BMW 1600) and Paul Haym ( 1969 Datsun 510) lead Bernie Hamm (1966 MGB) and the rest of the pack into Turn 2. - Brent Martin photo[/caption] Updated: July 15, 2013

The weather conditions for this season's second race weekend couldn't have been more different from those at the first. While it was soaking wet in May; it was baking hot for the SCCBC's 'Race for the House' event during the July 12th-13th weekend. The heat took its toll on both racing cars and drivers. (Of course, crew members, turn workers, safety crews and the other race officials and volunteers who are well-known to be much tougher, hardly noticed that the sky was cloudless!)

The results are posted under the 2014 Race Results menu (here). As always, thanks to the SCCBC for making them available.

New: Check out some of Brent Martin's photos below. More to follow soon. (Thanks Brent.)

[caption id="attachment_9093" align="aligncenter" width="450"]John Carroll (1967 Ginetta G4) leading Bernie Hamm (1967 MGB), with Glen Gibbons (1969 Alfa Romeo GTV) in the background - Brent Martin photo John Carroll (1967 Ginetta G4) leading Bernie Hamm (1967 MGB), with Glen Gibbons (1969 Alfa Romeo GTV) in the background - Brent Martin photo[/caption] Posted: September 16, 2013 Sunday, September 15th saw the final Vintage REVS races of the 2013 season during the SCCBC's CACC-sanctioned, 'Summer's End' Weekend at the Mission Raceway Park Road Course. The day started out a little foggy but the weather held all day. It was a great ending to another excellent season of Vintage racing. Our thanks to the SCCBC for hosting our races once again this year. The results are now available and are posted on the 2013 Results page (here) Here are some of the first photos of the action. Once again our thanks to Brent Martin for the on-track shots. You can check out all of Brent's photos on his web site (here).

[caption id="attachment_8477" align="aligncenter" width="450"]Ready to Rumble - VRCBC photo Ready to Rumble - VRCBC photo[/caption]

Updated: April 17, 2013

The SCCBC / CACC 'A Lap Ahead' weekend opened the race season at Mission Raceway Park Road Course on April 13-14. It was a little chilly and damp on the Saturday but just as ordered by the VRCBC's Vintage racers, the weather was beautiful on Sunday. The full weekend results are now available on the SCCBC web site (here) and will also be posted on this web site.

Check out the photos below. Thanks to Paul Bonner for the on-track shots.

[caption id="attachment_7605" align="aligncenter" width="450"] Double Race Winner Geoff Tupholme takes the Chequer - Brent Martin photo[/caption]

Updated: October 12, 2012

The VRCBC's Finest were in Fantastic Form during the SCCBC's Flying Feathers Weekend on Saturday, October 6th. There were lots of entertaining battles throughout the field in both of the races. The weather was perfect and it was a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving and to finish off another great season of Vintage road racing at Mission Raceway Park Road Course.

The final results are available on the SCCBC web site ( ) or just click here.

Thanks again to Brent Martin for providing (most of) the photos below.

Update: All of Brent's photographs are now posted on his web site (here). Look for the 'Mission Raceway (Vintage Group) Oct.6, 2012' album.

[caption id="attachment_7419" align="aligncenter" width="450"] Ralph Zbarsky and his former BMC Works Team MGB GT - Brent Martin photo[/caption]

Updated again: October 9, 2012

Sunday, September 23rd saw some of the VRCBC's finest hit the track at Mission Raceway Park for two Vintage races during the SCCBC's 'Volunteer Memorial' Weekend. In addition to some excellent racing, this event saw the Mission debut of Ralph Zbarsky's former BMC Works Team 1967 MGB GT, now beautifully restored. Ralph raced this car at Sebring in March of this year - see our earlier story here. (Don't miss the link to the You Tube video showing the car's roll over at Sebring in 1970. Hint: It wasn't Ralph!)

The first race got off to a great start. Dennis Repel was leading until about half distance when the throttle stuck open going into Turn 2. Major streaks of rubber were required to get the 'Heavy Chevy' (with its dyno-proven 406 hp) Camaro stopped in time.  Judicious use of the kill switch enabled him to get back to second place behind Mark Brown before the finish. They were followed by Phil Roney, Ian Thomas, and Roger Flescher. The next three places featured a close fight between Ian Wood, Al Harvey and Paul Haym. Then Peter Valkenburg and 'the Zbarsky Train' of Mike and Ralph. Al Reid had to retire his MGB after only nine laps.

At the start of the second race, Mark and Phil tried desperately to outbrake Dennis into Turn 1 but couldn't manage it and Dennis took the lead, only for his engine to let go in a (very) terminal way, entering Turn 1 on the fifth lap. Mark managed to see through the spray of oil well enough to take charge, particularly since Phil had already broken an axle shaft after only two laps. Roger took second, followed by Ian Thomas and then the scrapping trio of Ian Wood, Al Harvey and Paul Haym. (Just to show how close these three were: on the fourth lap, each of them turned a lap time of 1:24.1!). The Zbarskys were next. Peter Valkenburg and Al Reid had issues and were several laps down.

The full results are available here.

Update - October 9th: Gerry Frechette has added his 148 photos of the Vintage action on September 23rd to his web site. (  ) or just click here to go directly to that album.

A big thank you to Brent Martin for providing the photos below. You can see the rest of his photos on his web site: or  just click here to go directly to his September 23rd Vintage album of 136 photos.