The VRCBC at the Mille Miglia!

The VRCBC at the Mille Miglia!

Two classics motor down a classic Italian village street during the 2016 Mille Miglia. - Ann Peters photo

Two classics in a typical Italian village during the 2016 Mille Miglia. – Ann Peters photo

Posted: June 23, 2016

Another of the VRCBC’s many globe-trotting correspondents has just filed their latest report. Ann Peters was in an Italian village in May, just in time to watch this year’s version of the Mille Miglia go past. At one time, the Mille Miglia was probably the most prestigious of the long distance ‘real’ road races. Competitors set off at fixed intervals and raced against the clock from Brescia to Rome and then back again along a different route, all in one day.

The modern Mille Miglia follows the same route but at a much more sedate pace, taking four days to complete. It features a wide range of classic racing and touring cars of many different vintages – some famous and some more obscure. Ann has posted some of her photos of the cars on Dropbox (here). See how many you can identify. Thanks Ann!

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