Annual Kart Race

  [caption id="attachment_13609" align="aligncenter" width="450"] KartFest Chairman Ian Wood (L) presents the Fastest Team Award to Max Inkpen and Trevor Sandham. Third team member Rob Boznik was already busy celebrating elsewhere at the time. - Jeremy Stewart photo[/caption] Posted: March 15, 2018 The VRCBC kicked off the 2018...

[caption id="attachment_11540" align="aligncenter" width="450"]Two well-known F1 talent scouts were in attendance. Rumour has it that several try-out contracts were signed later that evening. - VRCBC photo Two well-known F1 talent scouts were in attendance. Rumour has it that several try-out contracts were signed later that evening. - VRCBC photo[/caption] Posted: March 17, 2016

The VRCBC held another of its very popular kart race events on March 15th at Fast Track Karting in Langley. A great time was had by all. Congratulations to the overall winners, Rod Kenyon and Daryl Armstrong, and to our youngest (by far) entrant, Max Inkpen, who set the fastest lap. Well done everybody; see you all next time.

Check out the full results and some photos (apologies for the fuzzy quality) below.

[caption id="attachment_9710" align="aligncenter" width="450"]Team Cheatah makes another lightning-quick pit stop en route to sixth place. - Jock Hobson photo Team Cheatah makes a super-quick pit stop en route to sixth place. - Jock Hobson photo[/caption] Updated: April 19, 2014

The VRCBC racing season opened the evening of Tuesday, April 15th with the VRCBC - IWE Piston Cup Kart Race at our favourite venue, TBC Indoor Racing in Richmond. This time, the members of each team were selected by a random draw held just before the start. As a result, some former team mates became 'arch-enemies' and former enemies found themselves on the same team. Interesting!

The Final Results are available here.

Our sponsor, IWE-Rear Ends Only, donated some fabulous trophies and Western Driver (our annual host at the All British Field Meet) provided some other goodies. Thanks!

And thanks to Jock Hobson for the photos below.

[caption id="attachment_9329" align="aligncenter" width="490"]"We're Number One!!"; The Winning Team of (L to R) Gunter Pichler, Phil Roney and Greg Campbell. - Ian Wood photo "We're Number One!!"; The winning Team CPR of (L to R) Gunter Pichler, Phil Roney and Greg Campbell. - Ian Wood photo[/caption] Updated: November 16, 2013 Update: Photos added

It was another epic VRCBC Kart Race on November 6th. A full grid of 12 karts and 36 drivers took the green flag at TBC in Richmond for the one hour race; even more impressively they all made it to the end! You can see the complete results here.

The winning Team 'CPR' (not the railroad) of Greg Campbell, Gunter Pichler and Phil Roney beat the second place Team 'Over the Hill' (an appropriate name perhaps?) of Ian Wood, Keith Robinson and Paul Haym by only 29 seconds. The gap was actually down to five seconds with only a minute to go when a hard charging Ian Wood decided to try passing some lapped traffic by taking the high side on the banking of the last turn - except there is no banking on this kart track (see photo).

[caption id="attachment_9320" align="aligncenter" width="490"]Ian Wood 'high on the banking' in the last minute. - Al Reid photo Ian Wood 'high on the banking' in the last minute. - Al Reid photo[/caption]

Team 'Over the Hill' never let up throughout however. Both Ian Wood (at 29.828 seconds) and Keith Robinson (at 29.986 seconds) broke the 30 second lap barrier. They would have made it even closer if they had not made an unnecessary extra pit stop / driver change. (It is always best to pay full attention throughout the full pre-race drivers meeting!)

Team META (of Roger Salomon, Thomas Leisner and Angus Glass) took the final place on the podium; these veteran corner workers leaving many supposedly 'real' racers in their dust.

The fight for fourth place was extremely close with three teams separated by only three seconds at the finish. Team Ogre (Jock Hobson, Peter Chappell, Chris Wilberg) took fourth followed by Team Quick (Evan Fraser, Malcolm Curtis, Bernie Hamm) and then the previous (in March) race winning Team Tiger (Trevor Yip, Doug Yip, Steve Hodge).

Planning is already underway for the next race in the New Year. Check out some more photos of this action-packed event below.

IMG_3056VRCBC members and guests gathered at TBC Indoor Kart Racing in Richmond on Tuesday, March 12th for the Third Annual VRCBC One Hour Enduro. There was some great racing throughout, with just enough ”bump drafting” to entertain the 'hundreds of screaming' (well, maybe not) fans.

After a full hour of racing, Team Tiger (Doug Yip, Trevor Yip and Steve Hodge) had completed 106 laps, taking first place by 2 laps from Big Bull Racing (Keith Robinson, Paul Higgins and Ian Wood). The battle for third place was really intense with Team CPR - not the Railroad (Gunter Pichler, Greg Campbell and Phil Roney) only beating Team Turn Worker (Roger Salmonon, Thomas Leisner and Angus Glass) by 16 seconds. They in turn only held onto fourth place by one (!) second from Team Zoom Zoom (Al Harvey, Brian Harvey and Rod Davison). The complete results are here.

And special congratulations to the drivers with the two fastest laps; Trevor Yip (at 30.330 seconds) and Roger Salomon (at 30.781 seconds). Trevor is a kart racer who switched to Formula Vee last season. Roger began as an Assistant Starter at Westwood in 1969 and has been contributing his time and expertise as a race official ever since. It is very fitting that he showed all of the 'regular racers' how to turn a fast lap!

Apologies for the poor quality of the photos below; the photographer was overcome with excitement!