First In-Car Race Videos for 2012!

First In-Car Race Videos for 2012!

The first three in-car videos from the 2012 REVS season at Mission Raceway Park Road Course have arrived. You can find them in the right hand column of this web site.

The first video is from inside Gunter Pichler’s 1964 Jaguar E-Type as he wins the first Vintage race on Sunday, April 15th. The second video is the view from the lower right front wishbone of Mark Brown’s 1969 Lotus Seven S-3 as he comes second in the same race. The third video is again from Mark’s Lotus as he wins the second race, after first Gunter and then Dennis Repel’s Camaro succumbed to tire issues – most noticeably in Turn #1 and Turn #9.

Look for the track improvements, particularly the much better sight line through Turn 6.

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