[caption id="attachment_9093" align="aligncenter" width="450"]John Carroll (1967 Ginetta G4) leading Bernie Hamm (1967 MGB), with Glen Gibbons (1969 Alfa Romeo GTV) in the background - Brent Martin photo John Carroll (1967 Ginetta G4) leading Bernie Hamm (1967 MGB), with Glen Gibbons (1969 Alfa Romeo GTV) in the background - Brent Martin photo[/caption] Posted: September 16, 2013 Sunday, September 15th saw the final Vintage REVS races of the 2013 season during the SCCBC's CACC-sanctioned, 'Summer's End' Weekend at the Mission Raceway Park Road Course. The day started out a little foggy but the weather held all day. It was a great ending to another excellent season of Vintage racing. Our thanks to the SCCBC for hosting our races once again this year. The results are now available and are posted on the 2013 Results page (here) Here are some of the first photos of the action. Once again our thanks to Brent Martin for the on-track shots. You can check out all of Brent's photos on his web site (here).

[caption id="attachment_8477" align="aligncenter" width="450"]Ready to Rumble - VRCBC photo Ready to Rumble - VRCBC photo[/caption]

Updated: April 17, 2013

The SCCBC / CACC 'A Lap Ahead' weekend opened the race season at Mission Raceway Park Road Course on April 13-14. It was a little chilly and damp on the Saturday but just as ordered by the VRCBC's Vintage racers, the weather was beautiful on Sunday. The full weekend results are now available on the SCCBC web site (here) and will also be posted on this web site.

Check out the photos below. Thanks to Paul Bonner for the on-track shots.

[caption id="attachment_7249" align="aligncenter" width="480"] Pace Lap for the first race - Brent Martin photo[/caption]

The VRCBC's third set of REVS races of the 2012 season took place on the Sunday of the SCCBC's 'Long Time Running' Weekend on June 23rd and 24th. The Vintage racers consider themselves lucky to have avoided the dramatic weather conditions on the Saturday. It flooded, it rained, a thunderstorm passed overhead, and the wind blew bits of cottonwood trees all over the back stretch. Never mind the power outages!

Update - July 6th: The just- released SCCBC July Pit Pass has some excellent photos and stories about the 'wild and woolly Saturday'. You can find it on the SCCBC website (here) - click on the News - Pit Pass button and look for 2012.

Sunday's weather on the other hand, was perfect and the VRCBC gang enjoyed themselves - except for reigning REVS champion Mark Brown who had a rare DNF with a broken 'halfshaft'. The results are now posted on the SCCBC web site (here) or you can go directly to our 2012 Season Results page (here).

Next up is the BC Historic Motor Races (BCHMR) on August 4th and 5th featuring not only the usual set of exciting Vintage races but also two special features for this year, the Third Annual International Formula Vee Challenge and the Childrens' Charity Grand Prix. All this on only one weekend! Check it out at

Thanks to Brent Martin for providing us with some of his photos of the on-track action.  (see below) You can see all of his photos from the weekend on his site (here) - Just look for  the 'Vintage Group' album.

Update - July 9th: Brent's photos have also been posted on the web site (here). Look for the VRCBC logo and the 'Long Time Running Weekend' link.