The SCCBC Honours Paul Lautard!

The SCCBC Honours Paul Lautard!

And the ground shook! VRCBC racing legend (and current director) Alan Donaldson reliving former glories, leading the thundering pack into the first turn. – Brent Martin photo

Posted: September 21, 2021

Wire wheels and wood rimmed steering wheels were the style over the CACC September 18th – 19th race weekend at the Road Course at Mission Raceway Park. The SCCBC was honouring its most senior member, Paul Lautard who was celebrating his 99th year! Paul used to race an MG TC many years ago, so some local MG enthusiasts brought out their classics to put on display in the Paddock and to also do some parade laps.

The MG TCs. TDs and TFs are generally credited with leading the rapid growth of sports cars in post war North America. They might look pretty antiquated to modern eyes but they were a lot of fun ‘back in the day’ and they still are! Thanks as always to Brent Martin for the great photos (below).

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