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[caption id="attachment_3281" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Ralph leads Mike at Infineon's Turn 2"][/caption] Two long time MG racers and VRCBC members have gotten in some early practice for this year's BCHMR. During the first weekend in April, the father and son team of Ralph and Mike Zbarsky ran...

Gunter's XKE arrives
The Club held its Second Annual Dyno Day on Saturday, April 2nd at Miller Performance in Abbotsford. (A big thank you to Brody Saari.) Thirteen drivers tested their car's horsepower and torque. The preliminary results are available here.

VRCBC VP Dennis Repel not only 'made the biggest numbers' with his 1974 Camaro (with 372 hp and 391 ft/lb) again this year, but was also unveiled as the best 'guesstimator'. His guesses on what his engine would do were almost exactly dead on. The Camaro was loud too, but not as loud as Gunter Pichler's well-known Series 1 E-Type, particularly when he tried it without the mufflers!

Mike Bailey has put some some of his videos on You Tube: Mustang, MGB, Camaro and Tiger here and XKE (cover your ears!) here.

Check out some photos below.