Non-VRCBC News & Events

1938 BMW 327/328 Unveiled at Jellybean Autocrafters
VRCBC Members were among those invited to attend the unveiling of a beautifully restored 1938 BMW 327/328 at Jellybean Autocrafters in Surrey, on February 23rd. This BMW model is generally acknowledged as one of the most significant automobiles in history.  It had leading-edge performance and handling for its time, with its tubular frame and 2 litre, inline six cylinder engine, featuring triple carburetors and hemispherical combustion chambers.

The Society of Vintage Racing Enthusiasts (better known as SOVREN) has just published their great-looking poster for their Pacific Northwest Historics event at Pacific Raceways on the July 2-4 weekend. Click 2010 Pacific Northwest Historics to view the poster and check the SOVREN web site for more...