All British Field Meet Up Next!

The VRCBC booth set up at the 2012 All British Field Meet - VRCBC photo

The VRCBC booth set up at the 2012 All British Field Meet – VRCBC photo

Posted: April 21, 2014

The next item on the VRCBC’s agenda is the All British Field Meet (ABFM) at Vancouver’s beautiful VanDusen Botanical Gardens on Saturday, May 17th. The featured marques this year are Jensen Motors, Velocette motorcycles, and a real favourite among Vintage racing enthusiasts, the Sunbeam Tiger. It is hard to believe that it has been 50 years since the first Tiger hit the road – and the track too, of course.

The VRCBC’s display will be in its usual location just inside the front gate – you can’t miss us! Check the ABFM website for full information on the event, and mark your calendars now.

VRCBC and META at the BC Classic & Custom Car Show

The VRCBC - META booth before the doors open. - VRCBC photo

The VRCBC – META booth before the doors open. – VRCBC photo

Updated: April 21, 2014

The VRCBC and our good friends from META (Motorsport & Emergency Turnworkers Association) shared a booth at the 18th Annual BC Classic & Custom Car Show at the Fraser Valley Trade and Exhibition Centre (more commonly known as TRADEX) in Abbotsford. We had three racing cars on display: Alan McColl’s Lotus Cortina and Tiga Formula Ford, and Phil Roney’s TVR Vixen.

L to R: Lotus Cortina, Tiga Formula Ford, TVR Vixen - VRCBC photo

L to R: Lotus Cortina, Tiga Formula Ford, TVR Vixen – VRCBC photo

The show was open to the public during Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the Easter weekend. We would like to thank the many motorsports enthusiasts – old and new – who stopped by to talk about road racing at Mission Raceway. See you at the track!

There are a few more photos posted on the META and VRCBC Facebook pages.

VRCBC Season Opens with Karts!

Team Cheatah makes another lightning-quick pit stop en route to sixth place. - Jock Hobson photo

Team Cheatah makes a super-quick pit stop en route to sixth place. – Jock Hobson photo

Updated: April 19, 2014

The VRCBC racing season opened the evening of Tuesday, April 15th with the VRCBC – IWE Piston Cup Kart Race at our favourite venue, TBC Indoor Racing in Richmond. This time, the members of each team were selected by a random draw held just before the start. As a result, some former team mates became ‘arch-enemies’ and former enemies found themselves on the same team. Interesting!

The Final Results are available here.

Our sponsor, IWE-Rear Ends Only, donated some fabulous trophies and Western Driver (our annual host at the All British Field Meet) provided some other goodies. Thanks!

And thanks to Jock Hobson for the photos below.

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UPDATED!: Are you looking for a Canada Class Champion, a TVR Vixen, a Triumph Roll Bar, or …..


The V.A.Y. Special – Canada Class Champion in 1958 and 1959 – will be racing at the 2014 BCHMR. Buy it before then and have your race entry paid!

Updated: April 15, 2014

…… a Ford Anglia, a RCI Race Seat, a full Vintage FVee package, or a Hawke Formula Ford, or a ‘Big Healey’, or a Mallock, or a street MG Midget, or trailer ramps, or a DKW-engined Formula Junior, or if you have a Triumph GT6 for sale, or you are looking for a Spitfire gearset, or a Stewart Warner gauge set, or a LeGrand Formula Ford chassis ‘project’, or driver-signed  racing prints by well-known motorsports artists, or a choice of other Vintage racing sports cars, or … whatever?

Check out the items in our Classifieds page under the Pit Shop menu by clicking here.

And Now for Something Completely Different!

Havana by Thunderbird - Linda Zumm photo

Havana by Thunderbird – Linda Zumm photo

Posted: March 21, 2014

Long time META volunteers and VRCBC members, Linda and Manny Zumm have offered us a diversion while we await the completion of the Mission Raceway track re-surfacing so that the 2014 racing season can get under way. They visited Cuba earlier this year and snapped some photos of the old cars that the country is so well-known for. (Apologies for the fuzziness of some of them; they were taken from a moving bus.)

By the way, the current rumour is that Linda and Manny are trying to decide which car to bring back for Vintage racing at Mission. Apparently the front runner is that hot-looking lilac(?) 1959 Chevie in the photo below, but we will have to wait and see what they show up with.

Notice: 2014 Race Schedule Updated – Yet Again!

'A word from the wise." Former VRCBC president Jim Latham (L) reminds current president Tedd McHenry to always check the schedule before heading to the track. - VRCBC photo

‘A word from the wise.’ Former VRCBC president Jim Latham (L) reminds current president Tedd McHenry to always check the schedule before heading to the track. – VRCBC photo

Updated: March 16, 2014

The SCCBC has just released a further revision of their race schedule for 2014. (This latest SCCBC notice can be downloaded here.) The major changes are the cancellation of the March 30th Practice Day, the first Driver Training on-track sessions for April and the first CACC race event intended for April.

Update: The Practice Day for Friday, April 18th is no longer tentative; it has been cancelled. The first Practice Day will be Friday, May 23rd.

The first REVS Vintage races will now not occur until Sunday, May 25th during the first CACC / SCCBC race weekend of the year. The Vintage race schedule on this web site (here) has been amended to reflect these changes.

Registration for the May weekend is now open at

These changes are required because of ongoing paving projects at Mission Raceway.

The following is taken from a February 27th email notification from the SCCBC Executive to their Club members explaining the situation:

” …  the Club Executive, after much deliberation and consultation, has concluded that it is in the best interest of the club at this time to repave the Turn 9 area and the section of track between Turns 7 and 8. 

The BC Custom Car Association is having the asphalt removed from their drag strip and is repaving the first 350 feet of their run-off/shut-down area. This new pavement will extend beyond our Turn 9. Having assessed the situation it was determined this was an opportune time to address the issues in Turn 9. The Turn 9 profile will not be changed, but it will be re-graded in order to have a nice level, consistent and smooth transition onto the front straight. In order to blend this new raised area into the existing roadways, a fair amount of fill will be added and the area will need to be appropriately sloped to tie in with the existing roadways and to allow for correct water drainage. 

The area between Turns 7 and 8 has been rapidly deteriorating in the last year and over the winter has become even worse. It has now become a “Must Do” repair. This area will be torn up, a proper road bed installed and repaved. This should repair the very uneven pavement and sink-hole. We acknowledge that there are other areas of the track that will need addressing in the near future, and those will be looked after as funding becomes available.

Our infrastructure is beginning to show its age, and we must keep on top of these issues so as to ensure the safest track conditions possible. Weather permitting we hope to have the track ready for use for our March 30th practice. “

Please note that this work is very weather dependent and the schedule is subject to change. Therefore, always make sure to double-check the official schedule on the SCCBC website (here) before heading to the track.

2014 BCHMR in August

Ron Dempsey (1969 BMW 2002), Dave Phillips (1957 Austin Healey 100-6), Ian Thomas (1971 BMW 2002), Paul Haym ( Datsun 510) and Geoff Tupholme (1973 Mini) between Mission's Turns 1 and 2, at the 2013 BCHMR - Jim Moody photo

Ron Dempsey (1969 BMW 2002), Dave Phillips (1957 Austin Healey 100-6), Ian Thomas (1971 BMW 2002), Paul Haym (Datsun 510) and Geoff Tupholme (1973 Mini) between Mission’s Turns 1 and 2, at the 2013 BCHMR – Jim Moody photo

Updated: February 27, 2014

The VRCBC’s 2014 British Columbia Historic Motor Races will be held on the August 16 – 17 weekend, with a Test & Tune (Practice) Day on the preceding Friday, August 15. As the latest information on the BCHMR becomes available, it will be posted on the BCHMR web site, here.

VRCBC Vintage Eligibility Rules for 2014 Approved

 VRCBC Eligibility and Approval Process for 2014

Updated: March 15, 2014

The VRCBC Eligibility Committee proposed some revisions to the VRCBC Eligibility Rules for the upcoming 2014 race season. The document is available for downloading here. All of the changes from the current 2013 document have been highlighted in yellow. Some of these are merely annual date updates and minor editing revisions. The significant changes in racing car eligibility are in the Production-Based Racing Cars category:

  • The time window for the current Classic Group will be closed at the current Dec 31/1980 date. (It currently has the ‘add one more year every year’ clause.)
  • A new Class (tentatively named Group 80+) is established for cars from 1981 to 1989. (It includes the ‘add one more year every year’ clause.)
  • A new group is established for cars from the three well known national Canadian racing series for Honda Civics, GM Camaros and Firebirds, and Porsche 944s.

Update: These proposals were formally presented by the Eligibility Committee for discussion at the VRCBC General Meeting on February 18 and the document was approved by the members present. This document was then presented at the Vintage Discipline meeting during the CACC AGM on March 9th and was accepted by the Vintage Discipline members present.

Last Westwood Historics DVD

Many of those who attended the VRCBC’s special ‘Westwood Mural Unveiling’ meeting at Mark’s Auto Body in Port Coquitlam or our Annual Banquet asked about one of the DVD’s we were showing.

This was ‘The Last Race’, a DVD produced by Hans Sipma about the very last Vintage race event, ‘The Tenth Annual Historics Weekend’, held at Westwood over an early July weekend in 1990.

The entry list of almost 100 cars that is included with the DVD contains many familiar names, quite a few of whom are still Vintage racing today. And you will recognize a lot of the faces too (although they are considerably younger!) when you watch it.

The DVD captures a lot of the activity and fun in the Paddock as well as having some great video of the on-track action, which features everything from classic Morgans to ‘Vettes and XKE’s, and from Formula Vees and Fords, to the beautiful 1948 Talbot Lago Grand Prix car, captured by Kane Rogers in his cover illustration.

Click here to download Hans’ info sheet for his DVD.

BCHMR Web Site

The BCHMR has its own web site with info for 2014, plus results and photos on the 2013 and 2012 events. Just click on this link:
to go directly there.

Videos of Mission Action

Go to to watch some excellent videos of the 2013 races at Mission Raceway. No Vintage races (yet) but the action is great!

Vintage FFord at Mission
Dennis has a ‘Smokin’ Day’
Ride Along With Phil
Ride Along With Mark
E-Type wins 2012 Race #1
Lotus 7 2nd – 2012 Race #1
Lotus 7 wins 2012 Race #2
2011 BCHMR Highlights
2011 BCHMR from a Mini
BCHMR: BMW 2002 Ride
XKE Hot Lap of Mission
Minis Battle at Mission
Lotus 7 at BCHMR-WW50
Westwood Closure: 1990

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