The Money Shot – Brent Martin photo


The VRCBC’s November general meeting (Tuesday November 13th) was a very special one, particularly for all those who remember the Westwood Racing Circuit. The meeting was held at the Mark’s Auto Body (here) location in Port Coquitlam.

Many current Mission Raceway regulars will know Dino Milacic from his very fast peddling of the white MioDino Racing BMW 330i. Dino grew up going to Westwood however and although he was too young to have ever had a chance to race there, he has never forgotten it. Earlier this year Dino decided to permanently honour the memory of the track by turning one wall  (Yes, one whole wall!) of their PoCo shop into a Westwood mural. It’s all there – from the mountains in the distance, to the trees, grass, dirt and asphalt, plus the cars of course, in the foreground. And as a special bonus, the sky is blue and it can be guaranteed – for the first time ever – that it will never rain at this ‘Wetwood’!

After the regular meeting finished, there was a ‘formal’ ceremony to ‘unveil’ the mural. Guests are always welcome at VRCBC meetings and a lot of Westwood veterans joined us for this one. It was a great time and the VRCBC would really like to thank Dino and Bobby Milacic for hosting us. Check out the Mark’s Auto Body Facebook page (here) for more on the event.

Thanks to Brent Martin for providing us with all of these photos. He has more coming soon – check back.


Editor in Chief Tom Johnston has just published the Autumn 2012 edition of Vantage – the VRCBC Newsletter. This time, Robin Fairservice tells the story of Elva Cars, which started as a very small specialist builder in the mid – 1950’s and eventually went on to build the excellent Courier and many successful sports racers. Mike Tate talks about meeting our special guest, Walter Wolf at the BCHMR. Tom Johnston tells the story of Port Moody’s IOCO Hill Climb. There are also two ‘you were there’ race reports: Tom describes his experience with his JM3 Formula Atlantic car at the ‘Monterey Historics’ in August and Madeline Wood describes her dad (Ian’s) weekend, which included a black flag(!) at the CSRG Charity Challenge at Sonoma Raceway in October.

You can find this edition and all of the previous Vantages under the About VRCBC menu, or download it directly by clicking here.

PI leads the grid to the Starter. – Jock Hobson photo

Veteran VRCBC MGB chauffer Pierce Isaacs – a.k.a. PI – was on the Pole for the second REVS Vintage race on October 6th. Just like all of his other fellow pole-sitters (i.e., the Vettels, Hamiltons and Alonsos of the racing world), Pierce was called upon to autograph countless (well, … maybe eight) photos for his sponsors and Fan Club (well, … maybe other team members and hangers-on). It can be tough at the top sometimes but Pierce came through like a champ.


Smoke Screens ‘R Us – Jock Hobson photo

Everyone is familiar with the ‘Where’s Waldo?’ series of books for children. Well, this is the Vintage Racing Club’s adaption: ‘Where’s the Lotus Seven?’ Somewhere hidden in the smoke screen in the above photo are Mark Brown and his Lotus. (See the post below for all the action from an on-board video perspective.) It is understood that the first prize for finding Mark in all that smoke will be a slightly used fragment of a (previously) high performance Camaro connecting rod, generously donated by Heavy Chevy Enterprises  – Dennis Repel, prop.

Thanks to Quizmaster Jock Hobson for the photo.

Updated: October 16, 2012

The Pacific Forest Rally is over for another year.

The final results are available on the Canadian Rally Championship web site (here).

It’s that time of year again. Those ‘Gravel Road Racers’ – otherwise known as the Special Stage Rallyists – were back in town. This year’s edition of the Pacific Forest Rally hit the roads around Merritt on October 12th and 13th for the fifth round of the 2012 Canadian Rally Championship. There is only one event left after the Pacific Forest, so all of the teams were pushing really hard, including our local hero, Pat Richard of Squamish who drives for the national Subaru team.

You can download the event program here and the post-event report on the Western Driver web site (here).

We know it’s hard to believe but some folks actually think special stage rallying is almost as exciting as Vintage racing!