1956 Avia Mk 3 Monoposto Streamliner - Jim Moody photo

Contrary to some recent rumours floating around on the internet, this is not VRCBC Vice President Dennis Repel’s “Heavy Chevy” 1974 Camaro in a clever new disguise for Vintage racing in 2012! It is actually an Avia Mk3 Monoposto Streamliner, which Jim Moody photographed at the CSRG event at Infineon.

1956 Avia Mk 3 BMW engine – Jim Moody photo

According to Jim, it is a very rare Czechoslovakian race car built in 1956 by Miroslav Jurca.  The car is powered by an opposed two cylinder, 4-stroke, 750cc BMW motorcycle engine. The car weighs about 900 lb. and features both front and rear independent suspension and a trans-axial gearbox. The body has a steel frame with an aluminum and magnesium skin.

The car was restored in New Zealand and is presently owned by Mark Sange who purchased the car in 2010. There are some more photos on this web site.

Thanks Jim.

1973 Porsche RSR Prototype - Paul Bonner photo

Paul Bonner attended the 2011 Monterey Motorsports Reunion at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca and sent us this sample of his photos. Thanks Paul!


Evan Williams, TVR Grantura chases Leigh Anderson, BMW 1600 - Nancy Moore photo

….or maybe that should be: ‘A Battle of the Ageless’?

Anyway, two of the VRCBC’s racing legends, Leigh Anderson and Evan Williams had a great scrap at SOVREN’s Columbia River Classic at Portland International Raceway over the Labour Day weekend. It was almost like being at Goodwood!  You can see a few more photos here.


Tim Pickstone, 1963 Porsche 356C - Paul Bonner photo

Nine of the VRCBC’s best racers made the trip across the border on the Labour Day weekend to take part in the 9th Annual Columbia River Classic put on by our friends, the Society of Vintage Racing Enthusiasts (SOVREN) at Portland International Raceway (PIR). Thanks to Paul Bonner we have these photos of them in action. Thanks Paul.


The legendary Jackie Stewart with the VRCBC's very own legend, Mike Tate (he's the one on the right) at Goodwood 2011 - Photo by Mike Tate & Associates

The VRCBC’s Mike Tate was at this year’s Goodwood Revival Meeting and sent us a few photos (see below), undoubtedly to make us all jealous – which he has done successfully. In Mike’s own words:

“It was an incredible spectacle from the first green flag to the last chequered one.  Was it all too much?  Not a bit of it. I would do it all again in a heartbeat.”

Check out Mike’s stories and more photos on the Western Driver website (here and here and here ) and watch for his full report and more photos in the next edition of the VRCBC Vantage Newsletter.