Mike Gee (Cooper Climax) chases Tom Johnston (Lola Climax) at Westwood in 1967 - Courtesy M. Gee Collection

Mike Gee, a long time member of the west coast road racing fraternity, passed away on October 5th. Tom Johnston has written the following about someone who was initially a fellow competitor and then subsequently a good friend.

 In recent years, we in the VRCBC knew Mike Gee as that ‘older guy’ who came to our races at Mission and occasionally wrote articles about our races for Victory Lane and similar magazines. But there was often talk about his racing at Westwood in the 1960’s.

Mike Gee in recent times

I first met Mike when I raced against him at Westwood in 1967. I then re-met him years later when he was putting together a series of video tapes from collections of other people’s Westwood movie film collections. I then met him again when I was writing my first book: ‘Sports Car Road Racing in Western Canada’. Mike helped me with all of the information he had collected, and also gave me at that time the above photo from his files of our 1967 race. Mike had an amazing collection of transcribed newspaper reports on Westwood races culled from the archives of all of the local newspapers.

As I got to know Mike better, we worked together to find the history of his unique Cooper racing car; the one shown in the photo. The trail led from the Island of Jersey to Monza, then to Westwood, being lost for a number of years and then recently discovered in a Kamloops backyard. It is currently being restored.

Mike gave me some information about his background; a MA in English who taught all over the world, a pilot, a former railroad telegrapher, a photographer, a writer, a RCAF member and a militia volunteer; a very interesting guy.

A private memorial was held for Mike on October 13th. It was my pleasure to meet his loving family and his friends from all aspects of his long and interesting life.

– Tom Johnston


Kevin and Leslie Skinner with their sponsor, GVMPS member John Randall - Gerry Frechette photo

Everyone involved in road racing in the Pacific Northwest knows the ‘dynamic duo’ of Leslie and Kevin Skinner. They have both been actively involved in all aspects of racing for over 40(!) years, including taking on many of the critically important but frequently under-appreciated organizational tasks.  On Sunday, October 9th Leslie and Kevin were inducted, along with fourteen others, into the Greater Vancouver Motorsport Pioneers Society. You can read all about the ceremony on the Society’s web site (here), read about Leslie and Kevin’s contribution over the years (here) and see Gerry Frechette’s album of 100 photos of the event here. (Just click on the Recent tab.)

Congratulations to you both on this well deserved honour and a big thank you for all your efforts over the years from the VRCBC.

1956 Avia Mk 3 Monoposto Streamliner - Jim Moody photo

Contrary to some recent rumours floating around on the internet, this is not VRCBC Vice President Dennis Repel’s “Heavy Chevy” 1974 Camaro in a clever new disguise for Vintage racing in 2012! It is actually an Avia Mk3 Monoposto Streamliner, which Jim Moody photographed at the CSRG event at Infineon.

1956 Avia Mk 3 BMW engine – Jim Moody photo

According to Jim, it is a very rare Czechoslovakian race car built in 1956 by Miroslav Jurca.  The car is powered by an opposed two cylinder, 4-stroke, 750cc BMW motorcycle engine. The car weighs about 900 lb. and features both front and rear independent suspension and a trans-axial gearbox. The body has a steel frame with an aluminum and magnesium skin.

The car was restored in New Zealand and is presently owned by Mark Sange who purchased the car in 2010. There are some more photos on this web site.

Thanks Jim.

1973 Porsche RSR Prototype - Paul Bonner photo

Paul Bonner attended the 2011 Monterey Motorsports Reunion at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca and sent us this sample of his photos. Thanks Paul!


Evan Williams, TVR Grantura chases Leigh Anderson, BMW 1600 - Nancy Moore photo

….or maybe that should be: ‘A Battle of the Ageless’?

Anyway, two of the VRCBC’s racing legends, Leigh Anderson and Evan Williams had a great scrap at SOVREN’s Columbia River Classic at Portland International Raceway over the Labour Day weekend. It was almost like being at Goodwood!  You can see a few more photos here.