There was an excellent turnout of 15 entries for the June 13th REVS races at Mission Raceway. Here are some photos as the cars enter the track for their first practice session, led by Dennis Repel in his bright yellow 1974 Camaro. The others in order are: Ivan Lessner (’58 Austin Healey 100-6), Neil Tregear (’65 Cooper S), Keith Wong (’68 Triumph GT6), Roger Flescher (’67 Sunbeam Tiger), Peter Valkenburg (’61 Volvo PV544), Gunter Pichler (’64 XKE), Mark Brown (’69 Lotus Seven S3), Mike Owen (’67 Cooper S), Jim Latham (’68 Volvo 122S). In the second row are: Al Harvey (’71 MGB), Phil Roney (’69 TVR Vixen), Geoff Tupholme (’73 Mini) and Allan McColl (’68 Lotus Cortina). The other entrant was Glen Gibbons with his 1969 Alfa Romeo GTV, who was a little tardy getting to pre-grid. Watch for a full race report soon.

Another club member has recently made the motor racing press. Robert (Bob) Barg is mentioned (including a photograph) in the March / April 2010 issue of Vintage Motorsport magazine. Check out their story (on pages 112-114) on the Petersen Museum’s Tribute to the Trans Am held last November. And here is a link to another story about the event.

Robert raced as a privateer during the early “Golden Years” of the Trans Am, and was one of the 18 Honorary Guest panelists (also including the likes of Peter Brock, George Follmer and Parnelli Jones) who discussed “Cheating in the Trans-Am”. See the page below from the April issue of Camaro Performers magazine. Those were the days!