Ben Manning Sr. passed away on December 3rd. Ben was a past president of the Sports Car Club of British Columbia and was very instrumental in the building of the Westwood track in 1959. All those who attended the Westwood 50 Reunion Banquet in 2009 will remember his very entertaining reminiscences of those early days. Ben was inducted into the Greater Vancouver Motorsports Pioneers Society in October of last year.  You can read his GVMPS biography here.

The River’s Edge Vintage Series (REVS) is the VRCBC’s awards system based on the racing events sponsored by the Club and held each year at the Mission Raceway Park road racing course. Points are awarded for participation, rather than finishing position.  The Club has presented their awards to the top three finishers in each of the REVS Race Groups for the 2010 season.  

Mark Brown is the Overall REVS Champion for 2010. Congratulations to Mark and all of this year’s participants. And thanks to Paul Bonner for the excellent photos. 

Overall Champion: Mark Brown

Group 1: Vintage (1950 – 1963)

1st Place: Peter Valkenburg

2nd Place: Ivan Lessner

3rd Place: Tim Pickstone

Group 2: Historic (1964 – 1969)


1st Place: Mark Brown

2nd Place: Jim Latham

3rd Place: Glen Gibbons

Group 3: Classic (1970 – 1974)


1st Place: Al Harvey

2nd Place: Dennis Repel

3rd Place: Geoff Tupholme






Group 4: Open Wheel

1st Place: Tedd McHenry

2nd Place: Lawrence Green

3rd Place: Ken Butler






VRCBC members and guests gathered at TBC Indoor Kart Racing in Richmond on Tuesday, October 19th for the First Annual VRCBC One Hour Enduro. There was some great racing throughout, with just enough “bump drafting” to entertain the fans. After a full hour of racing, the team of Dale Warren, Dave Warren and Alan McColl had completed 109 laps, taking first place by only 30 seconds from the team of Dennis Repel, Malcolm Curtis and Evan Fraser. In third, only one lap further back was the team of Noah Krulitsky, Vittorio Pranovi and Hugh Archer. An excellent time!

Check the complete Final Results here.

The final REVS races of the year took place at Mission Raceway on Sunday, October 10th. The weather was great and the field of 16 entrants had some excellent racing. The results are available here as well as posted under the Race Results menu. The following are some of Jim Latham’s photos of the Vintage action. 


To see Gerry Frechette’s photos of both the Vintage and SCCBC races,  go to  and log in as a Guest, using the User Name: gerryf and the Password: rainbow.

Paul Bonner photo

Anyone who has watched a Vintage race at Mission in the last few years will recognize Geoff Tupholme’s very fast #441 Mini. Geoff won Saturday’s Group 2 race at July’s BCHMR after a great battle with Mark Brown’s Lotus 7. He was going for another podium in the first race on Sunday, when his “very experienced” crankshaft broke between #2 cylinder and the centre main bearing, as he was leaving Turn 6 on the second lap. You can ride onboard with Geoff by clicking this link to YouTube.  There’s always next year!

Geoff Tupholme photo