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The August issue has just been published. It includes a report on the 2011 BC Historic Motor Races with many great photographs by Marshall Autry and Jim Moody. If you don’t already have your own copy, you can read the story here.


Ian Wood's extra practise in his Rawlson at the BCHMR paid off in the Kart Enduro. - Paul Bonner photo

The VRCBC held its Second Annual Kart Enduro on July 19th at the F440 track in Tsawwassen. The race was run in three heats with the entrants grouped into teams of three. The original team groupings weren’t exactly reflected in the final results due to some computer ‘glitches’ but the individual lap times were accurate. (Note: Since both Race Director Al Harvey and Honorary Chief Steward Jim Latham have approved the results, any protests – regardless how legitimate – will be futile!)

Two veteran racers were the fastest of the evening: with Ian Wood taking the fastest average lap time over a full heat and Keith Robinson setting the fastest single lap. There were many others right on their tails however, so both should be fully prepared to be dethroned at next year’s Enduro. A good time was had by all. The full results are available here.


The Vancouver Mini Club is the natural home for all enthusiasts of the classic Mini in the area. Their website ( ) and its online forum and $wap and $hop are great sources for Mini-related activities, information and parts. (Classic Minis always need parts!) Some of the Club members attended the BCHMR and displayed their cars in our Car Corral. You can read about their experience at the track, as well as some other stories, in the Summer 2011 edition of their SCooper newsletter. Just click here.



Two of the VRCBC’s finest MGBs were in excellent form during the Volunteer Appreciation Weekend at Mission Raceway Park Road Course.

Al Reid demonstrates 'the wide line' in Turn 1. It didn't work. - J. Hobson photo


Brian Harvey frightens Bruce Jamieson's Civic in Turn 9 during the CW2 race. - J. Hobson photo


Getting ready in Pre-Grid for first Practice

Some of the VRCBC racers were out at Mission Raceway Park for the July 10th REVS event – part of the CACC – SCCBC Volunteer Appreciation Weekend. The results are now available here.

Here are some photos.